Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Phone Message

Someone called while I was out digging ditches yesterday.

That's a metaphor, and a poor one. It's the only one I have in stock right now, and I apologize. I hope to have a fresh shipment on Friday. It's not easy keeping 4,000 words a week well supplied with trope.

I'd had my car worked on last week, and the call was a follow-up to that visit. The person who called, curiously, was named Melissa Etheridge. Gloria took a message for me, and this was it:


Melissa Etheridge

re: Recent service followup

p.s. somebody bring me some water.

If you have never been subjected to the strident bleating of Melissa Etheridge, you won't get the joke. Believe me, though, no matter how funny the joke was, you're still better off.

My wife. A damned funny woman.

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