Thursday, February 10, 2005

Was "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment" Already Taken?

Late start because I did something new today: I fell asleep at my desk.

DQ reader and Shreveport humanitarian Steve Micinski sent me a link to this story:

OLALLA, Wash. (AP) — "Jake 2.0" didn't cut it with viewers, and a couple who named their son Jake Matthew Thompson 2.0 are finding the numerical part doesn't cut it with businesses and government agencies.

Although decimal designations are commonly used for successive versions of computer software, many computers can't seem to handle it for human names, parents Kyle Thompson and Dawn Carpenter have been told.

Their son was born on Feb. 4, 2004, a couple of months after the UPN science fiction show was canceled after less than four months on the air, but they still liked the name.

"He's like an upgrade of us, the better version," Thompson said...

Carpenter, a housekeeper at a convalescent home and an aspiring actress, said some co-workers have told her that when her son reaches school age, classmates will make fun of his name, "but I don't worry about it.

"They made fun of me because my nose is small," she said. "They make fun of you no matter what you do."

Are you SURE it was your nose?

Yes, kids make fun of other kids. That's no reason to write "KICK ME" on your son's forehead. If your last name is Jablome, you don't name your son "Haywood" (thanks, Jon Stewart).

When we were thinking about baby names, I used one of my savant skills to exclude names that would become schoolyard taunts. It was like the speed round of a game show. All boys can innately find a dirty or demeaning rhyme for a name. It's our gift.

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