Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Books: Written by You

DQ reader Bob Crawford recently had a fine book of poetry published titled "Too Much Explanation Can Ruin a Man." Here are a few excerpts from the reviews:
"Clear and understandable, but masterful in his use of meter, rhyme, and metaphor, Robert Crawford has written a book full of poems that you can enjoy on first reading them, and marvel at all you'll find each time you go back and read them again."

"If Robert Frost were to live in rural New England today, this may be what he'd be writing."

"What Robert Crawford has composed is verbal music--in a day when literal lyricism is rare in poetry."

I have the book and they're all right. Here's an Amazon link:

Stephen Saunders, tireless network guy for Gone Gold and one of my favorite people in the world, has also written a book. Unfortunately, I can't remember the title, and an Amazon search reveals many books by "Stephen Saunders." Looking over the list, though, I am certain that it is not "Breastfeeding: A Problem Solving Manual." My best guess is that it's "IntelliJ IDEA in Action." Java, not boobies. Here's the link:

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