Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Links O' Plenty

The great white shark story ("The Devil's Teeth") is online at SI.com, but it's a little tricky to reach. It's in the section that's normally for subscriber's only, but DQ reader Steven Kreuch said he was able to get past the gauntlet by answering a few questions (this may require a bit o' fibbing on your part--I'm not sure). Like I said, this is one of the most riveting articles I've ever read. Here's the link:

Thanks to DQ reader Robert Brand for a link to an article that proves it's been a very bad week for things that pee on you when you pick them up. The title of the article is "Frogs Saved From Blender," and here's an excerpt:
Frog cocktails are popular in the Andes because of their supposed aphrodisiac qualities.

Here's the link: http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/americas/04/28/frogs.peru.reut/index.html.

With that, the exploding toad/blender frogs era has been officially concluded.

I saw this at MSNBC this morning (from the Washington Post). It's an article about one of Washington's most notorious lobbyists--notorious because he specialized in public relations for dictators, fascists, and other disgraces to the human race. His name was Edward Von Kloberg III, and he leapt to his death yesterday at the age of sixty-three. He led a pretty fascinating life, more complex than it would first appear, and the article is pretty fascinating reading. Here's the link:

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