Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Patches Part 2

Jason Price (www.talkstrategy.com) wrote in with some additional info about the SWAT 4 patch, and I think he makes some good points.

1. The patch wasn't really a bug-fix (which Tom didn't claim, but I assumed).

Okay, stop with the "ass out of you and me" e-mails. Get your hands off that keyboard right now.

Actually, the patch only fixed one crash bug and it was rare. So it wasn't a bug patch. The patch basically added multi-player maps, fixed some multi-player issues, and added the streaming ad support. That means that the game originally shipped in a very stable condition, which is something I always rail about, so points to Sierra for releasing something when it was actually finished and not before.

2. In theory, someone who only wanted to play single-player wouldn't need this patch. I don't like adding ads to already purchased content (the single-player missions and the multi-player maps that came with the game), but Jason said that there were already ads in the game--they were just ads for Freedom Force and Tribes, etc.

In my mind, if someone purchases a game without streaming ad support, that ad technology shouldn't be added to originally purchased content. Add new maps and want to include streaming ads? Fine. Just leave what I originally paid for alone.

3. One thing I didn't mention in the original post is that at least Vivendi/Sierra are supporting the PC, and the reviews for this game have generally been in the mid 80's, which is quite good. So this is generally considered a very solid game.

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