Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4th Linkage

Happy Independence Day to our U.S. readers.

Here are two worthwhile links for you. One, a link (thanks Slashdot Games) to Game Tunnel's mid-year "best of" review of independent games. Here's the link:

Second, a link to a NY Times article (registration required) about 3-D HD television (and the state of 3-D in general). Here's an interesting excerpt from the article:
"...last winter, for example, 2 percent of the screens that played the animated Tom Hanks film "Polar Express" did so in Imax 3-D. Those few screens were responsible for 22 percent of the movie's domestic ticket sales."

Those are pretty staggering numbers. Those are the kind of numbers that make Hollywood rush to do something, particularly since the box office numbers for movies overall this year have been horrible.

Here's the link:

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