Friday, July 01, 2005

Microsoft Blasts Itself

Here's a quote from Microsoft today (on Gamespot) in response to their quote yesterday about licensing the Xbox software:
"Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft officials flatly denied that the Xbox 360 would carry any other label than Microsoft's--or at least any time soon. "To be clear, Xbox will continue to be manufactured exclusively by Microsoft," said a rep for the company. "There's certainly a potential for other hardware companies to manufacture Xbox some day in the future, but that is not something we're focused on right now."

That's a great denial of a question that no one asked. I didn't see anyone imply that other companies would actually be manufacturing Xbox 360's, just that other devices might have the necessary software loaded to play the games. Big, big difference. So Microsoft's denial is a non-denial, for those of you keeping score at home.

The biggest problem with making Xbox360 software playable on the PC would be hardware compatibility, obviously. Actually, it would be a nightmare. So licensing the software would just be one step, although the idea of releasing an "Xbox on a card" and just plugging it into an expansion slot would be pretty nifty. Turnkey, but not cheap.

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