Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NCAA 2006: Mass Confusion

The street date for the release of NCAA 2006 has been broken in enough places that there is a 123 page thread over at Operation Sports about it:

Now about 115 pages of that thread are people asking where they can get it, but a small number of stores seem to be selling the game early. I'd be willing to bet that a few thousand people have the game at this point.

I am not one of those people.

However, Bill Abner is, and if we wanted anyone on the planet to get it early, it's Bill. He's the preeminent sports games reviewer, he's meticulous, he's unbiased, and he also (along with Todd Brakke and Dan Clarke) has a blog. You can find some fairly detailed information about his experiences so far here:

In brief (both from Bill's blog and from Operation Sports forum posts): the general opinion is that the game has improved significantly from its lackluster 2005 showing.

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