Thursday, July 07, 2005

NCAA 2006 Update

That thread over at the Operation Sports forum I referenced two days ago has now grown from 125 pages--to 251! I have a hard time thinking that the game could possibly be more entertaining than the thread. Just so you're up to date, here are the following chains who have broken the street date: CompUSA, Target, FYE, Sam Goody, and Toys"R"Us. No one is systematically breaking the street date, though, so your chances of getting a copy early generally depend on someone making a mistake.

Here's that thread link again (at page 250):

If you're wondering about the new Heisman mode, here's a thread (I also originally saw this link at the OS forums) that does a nice job of talking about what happens during the season. This is someone who got the game early and is actually playing in Heisman mode. Lots of pictures and detail here (registration might be necessary to access the forums):

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