Monday, July 04, 2005

The Wedding

DQ reader Scott Ray (who I've known since he was seventeen, which was about fifteen years ago) got married in Austin on Saturday, and Gloria and I were there.

Men and women think differently about weddings, or they remember them differently, anyway. Here's a conversation we had:
Me: Do you remember Liz and Dan's wedding?
Gloria: No. Did I go to that one with you?
Me: I'm sure you did.
Gloria: No. I think that was some other girlfriend.
Me: Oh wait--I didn't go with you.
Gloria: So it was some other girlfriend.
Me: No, that was the day that Zach Thomas, who had a terrible case of the flu, intercepted a Texas A&M pass in the last minute and ran it back for a touchdown to win the game for Texas Tech. I was sitting in the parking lot of the church, listening to the game on radio and hoping it would finish in time. I started honking the horn when Thomas ran in for a touchdown, and when I stopped I could hear a horn. It turns out there was a guy a few rows down who was doing exactly the same thing.
Gloria: When was this?
Me: 1995.
Gloria: What do you remember about the wedding?
Me: Well, they went through with it.

By the way: at the reception they were playing Billie Holiday music. You know what? Five hundred years from now, people will still be playing Billie Holiday music, and it will still sound perfect.

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