Friday, August 19, 2005

Fishing with Felines

It's the best instructional fishing tool and cat toy ever.

That's right: it's the CatFisher™ Rod & Reel.
With a true-to-life casting reel featuring two catnip-scented mouse “lure”, the CatFisher Rod & Reel turns cat lovers into cat “fishermen,” letting them cast their reels up to 40 feet from the comfort of their own sofa. Rod is collapsible for easy storage and contains a mini “tackle box” in the handle that holds a second, catnip-scented mouse “lure.”

Here's a picture:

Eli 4.0 saw this at Petco and convinced Gloria to buy one. What I can't believe is that this is actually a little fishing rig--a real spin-cast reel and rod (the rod is about 22"). Eli can cast really well now--little toy mice are flying through the air regularly--so this cat toy has taught him how to fish. I was planning on taking him to a local pond sometime this fall, but I think I'm moving it up because the hardest part--learning how to cast--is already done.

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