Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Xbox 360 Pricing Announcement

...was just made at the German Games Convention in Leipzig (this had been rumored earlier this week, but I didn't think it was going to happen quite this soon). Here's a rip from the press release (I heavily edited it because there's so much marketing crap):
At $299.99 U.S./299.99 euro/209.99 pounds, the Xbox 360 Core System comes ...with:
-- Xbox 360 console.
-- Xbox 360 Controller. Wired.
-- Xbox 360 Faceplate.

The "Premium Edition" is $399.99 U.S./399.99 euro/279.99 pounds and comes with
-- Xbox 360 console.
-- Xbox 360 Hard Drive (20 GB). 20 GB and detachable.
-- Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.
-- Xbox 360 Faceplate.
-- Xbox 360 Headset.
-- Xbox 360 Component HD-AV Cable.
-- Xbox Live Silver membership. With this, gamers can chat with friends online, send and receive voice and text messages, and access new content from Xbox Live Marketplace demos such as trailers and casual games from Xbox Live Arcade.
-- A bonus Media Remote.

Stop talking about the FACEPLATE, you chowderheads. That is not a feature.

So no hard drive with the core system, which means developers won't be able to utilize it in games unless they write different routines for core and premium systems. That's disappointing. The $399 package has enough bundled items that it seems reasonable, but if all this had been included in the $299 package, it would have really put the pressure on Sony.

And here's a thought: if Microsoft has to charge $399 for the Premium Edition (and presumably takes a $100 loss, at least), what in the world is Sony going to lose on the PS3, which is more expensive to manufacture and is is going to inclue a Blu-Ray drive?

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