Wednesday, September 14, 2005


From DQ Director of Fitness Doug Walsh (in reference to the Pandora music service post):
Yahoo has a music service called LaunchCast and LaunchCast Plus ($36 a year) that allows you to create your own radio station also by assigning a 1-5 star ranking for every song, artist, and/or album you hear. You initially start by going and telling it what you like and then it starts mixing in things that you will likely enjoy based on similar ratings from other subscribers. The best part is that there is a "never play again" option, as well as the ability to skip songs entirely. Oh, and of course you can pause it too. I've had the Plus subscription since February and have been introduced to a lot of good stuff that I may never have known about otherwise. Also, with the subscriptions comes a commercial-free experience.

What's also nice is that the entire LaunchCast Plus interface becomes just another tab on the bottom of your Yahoo IM. My editors also use it and you can have it show as your status what song and artist you're currently listening to and you can even access other people's stations and give them a try. It's a little creepy when I get an IM saying "so, you're listening to Jack Johnson again" but we've often gotten into conversations about bands we saw one another listening to. Very cool.

Pandora has the never play again option and the song skip (and it's commercial free), but not the IM features (as far as I know).

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