Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Question for You Crazy People

Eli 4.1 has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Burnout: Revenge. We played the crash mode in Burnout 3: Takedown for over twenty hours together over several months and won a silver medal or better on all crash courses (I think there are almost a hundred, believe it or not).

Together, we accumulated one hundred and eleven million dollars in crash mode. Heh.

Crash mode in Takedown was one of the most perfect modes I've ever seen in a game--almost perfectly balanced, with an excellent control scheme and tremendous variety. And on a second-to-second basis, I've almost never played a game mode that just felt so "right." It was so perfect, in fact, that even though I've spent forty-plus hours with the game, I've never played anything but crash mode. It was a great game in itself.

So when the game comes today, we're on it immediately. I watch the intro videos for crash mode (to see what changed) by myself, because Eli gets bored in about two seconds, and then he comes in. We go to the first crash course and each do it three times. Then Eli says "Daddy, this isn't very fun. Do you still have the old car crash game?"

Which is exactly how I felt. After Eli went up for his bath, I played two more crash ourses and they weren't any better. Now before I write up why, I'd like to hear from some of you guys who played the car crash mode last year and have the new game to compare. Am I crazy, or is this new crash mode not nearly as fun?

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