Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Civ IV

DQ reader Andrew Borelli sent me an excellent description of why Civ IV is such an outstanding extension of the franchise:
If you really want to talk about the effort Firaxis put into Civ IV, consider this: right now I'm playing the game fanatically. Generally I go from one civ to the next on a week by week basis. I'll start playing in 4000 BC, and I won't even save the game until 1500 AD. What's the punchline? A month ago, I hated the franchise. My friends were all Civ fanatics in the halcyon days of Civ II, but I just didn't "get it." They are all still Civ fanatics. I was so disheartened by my constant lack of success at Civ that I skipped Civ III and have no idea why people did or did not like the game. I only know that this version of the game has me by the guts and won't let go. I love the interface, I think it makes it easy for new players to dive right in, and it certainly redeemed me. Unlike Civ II, where I was hooked for a little while and then got sick of being stuck in the stone age while everyone else had flying cars and laser beams, this is a long-term affair that's fun every single time.

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