Friday, December 23, 2005

You Don't Want To Be Working Anyway

There's a tremendously entertaining list over at MSNBC of the "Most Peculiar Stories of 2005." Let me share a few of my favorite headlines:
--Hooked Fish Gets Revenge, Lures Angler to Death
--Plumber Takes a Leak Instead of Fixing one
--Kittens Use Fax as Toilet, Spark House Fire
--Man in Trunk Was Bound to Enjoy It
--School Mistakes Huge Burrito For Weapon, Goes Into Lockdown
--Blind Scotsman Accused of Biting Guide Dog
--Good to His Word, Bad to His Testicles

I'm pretty sure that "Good to His Word, Bad to His Testicles" is a country song.

I think they've outsourced some of their headline writing to The Onion. There's a poll down below the main story, and absolutely one of the greatest headlines ever written is there:
Deal Nips Lawsuit Over Showing Breasts to Ape

Here's the link:
And there are links to ever single story listed. That should keep you busy for a while.

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