Tuesday, March 07, 2006

College Hoops 2K6

I just received College Hoops 2K6--I'm watching it as I write this, actually.

The College Hoops franchise has been my favorite sports franchise of the last two years. Well, with the exception of Winning Eleven. But it blows away all other team sports franchises with excellent gameplay and a terrific recruiting process.

The biggest issue for me the last two years was it's basic fugliness.

Yes, it is a word. It's a hybrid.

So if you're wondering about the fugly factor, let me say this: fugly is gone. It's not as spectacular looking as NBA2K6, but it's light years ahead of how it looked last year. That's all I know so far, but I'd be very happy with upgraded visuals and the same gameplay.

Oh, and the commentary compared to last year is horrible. Unfortunately. They had to change announcers because of EA's unholy alliance with ESPN, and the results are, well, not good.

I'm watching UNC-Duke, and if you're wondering, I've seen a foul called on Duke, so it's not just an urban legend.

I was watching the real UNC-Duke game last Saturday, and I was once again reminded of how much I generally dislike college basketball coaches. Mike Krzyzewski was screaming at the officials, and I mean screaming. It was so bad during a timeout that an official walked up to Krzyzewski and turned his back on him, so that the officials he was screaming at couldn't see him.

I'm thinking why aren't you T'ing his sorry ass up?

I'm so tired of these coaches and their performing circus bear impersonations. ESPN has turned these coaches into celebrities--they've become more important than the players. They've become the show. I would be thrilled to see a rule that says "sit your ass down and shut up." Coaches shouldn't be able to question an official any more than the players are. The whole idea of "working" an official should go away. Permanently. I don't want to see a coach's personality disorder for two hours.

And if they don't want to sit in their chair and shut up for millions of dollars a year, I bet it won't be too hard to find some coaches who do.

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