Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

I rarely use this word to describe a game: exhilarating.

I've seen a bunch of 95% reviews of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Maybe on a non-HD set. On an HD set this game is 10+, at least for the first two hours (which is about how long I've played). And anyone who things graphics don't matter should be forced to sit in front of an HD set and play this.

The controller layout for this game is also brilliantly done. Tons of things you can do, and it could easily get very confusing, but it's laid out and shown to you in a progressive manner that isn't intimidating.

Even in the first mission, you'll be commanding a three-man squad, controlling aerial drones for reconnaisance, and calling in a strike from a Huey helicopter. Hell, I haven't even finished the mission and I've gotten to do all that.

We've really had a gaming drought for months, it seems, with occasionally excellent titles interspersed with lots and lots of average games. Suddenly, the dam's broken. Right now I'm playing:
--Guitar Hero, the most enjoyable game I've ever played
--MLB '06, one of the finest baseball games (may well be the finest) I've ever played
--Galactic Civilizations II
--College Hoops 2K6, an excellent college basketball game

And now Ghost Recon.

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

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