Monday, March 06, 2006

Guitar Hero 2

I think this was a foregone conclusion, but it's great to see the official announcement. Thanks to Glen Haag for the link to Eurogamer
"We are working on Guitar Hero 2, which will have 40-plus new tracks," Sumner (CEO of publisher Red Octane) told MCV. He also confirmed that genre spin-offs including Country Rock for the US and a Metal edition are on the cards. He even pointed to further possibilities for the peripheral, adding, "you could absolutely do a plug and play version".

Okay, I don't think I'm down for "Country Rock," but you never know.

And in other Guitar Hero related news, Bark at the Moon is just pissing me off. Actually, I should say that I'm pissing me off, because I know how to finish the song and my fingers are just failing me. Anarchists.

But Gloria woke me up about 1:30 this morning because she'd passed the first set on Hard. So we have one guitar prodigy in the family--and me.

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