Thursday, March 02, 2006


Here are a couple of hardware notes.

First, some people are having problems with both SLI and Crossfire systems suddenly shutting down. Extreme Tech has an interesting problem detailing what was happening and the solution.,1697,1932947,00.asp.

Second, The Inquirer is reporting that Nvidia will be making a surprise announcement at CeBIT. It's going to be a 7900 GTX card with two GPU's per card. That's right--quad SLI if you put two of those cards into a system.

This has all really become overkill, since there are about three games a year that even remotely need this kind of horsepower (hello, Oblivion), but it's still fun to read about the technology. And unlike the Dell quad-SLI system that was shown off at CES (and will be produced in very limited quanitities for a king's ransom), putting out a dual-GPU card will enable more people to enjoy a quad-SLI system.

Here's the link:

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