Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Morning Links

Here are a few links to ruin your resolve on Monday morning.

From Nathan Carpenter, a link to the boombox museum, an online history. I thought I'd spend thirty seconds there and wound up reading through the entire site. Amazing detail and great pictures. Here's the link:

From DQ reader Dan Holmes, a bombshell from Microsoft that no one's seemed to notice:
With little fanfare, Microsoft last week revealed it would release a free VoIP app that will let Office users to make free calls on Wi-Fi phones running Windows Mobile software.

That seems like warning shot across the bow of all kinds of companies, but I haven't heard boo about it except for this article. Here's the link:

This is pretty remarkable:
DALLAS - As long as five years after suffering a stroke, people were able to regain use of a weak arm when their strong arm was restrained during two weeks of intensive therapy, new research shows.

It's called constraint therapy, and here's a link to the full article:

Finally, from Frank Regan, a link to an interview with Tom Burick of White Box Robotics. Here's an excerpt:
This guy is blazing ahead with a project that could potentially revolutionise hobby robotics. The realisation of his vision could do for the service robot industry, what IBM did for the PC. What Tom is trying to do, is not only provide a product that can be sold and used, but define a common platform on which robotics hobbyists and industry alike can experiment on and develop their own custom solutions to meet their own ends.

Very interesting, and here's the link:

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