Wednesday, August 16, 2006

EA Privacy Policy: Just a Gentle Push

I made a post over a week ago about EA's so-called "privacy policy" (which you can read here if you missed it the first time). That post was widely linked and there's no question that EA, at this point, is aware of the issue. They have not responded to or any of the sites who have contacted them requesting clarification.

So let's help move the process along, shall we?

In the Privacy Policy, EA provides an e-mail address for the Privacy Policy Administrator. I'm guessing that a few hundred e-mails will get their attention very quickly.

Here's the e-mail address:

And here's a sample of what you can send (you can copy it directly, if you want to--it shouldn't matter. I'm not putting it in italics to make cutting/pasting easier):

I am contacting you because I have some concerns about the EA Privacy Policy and would like clarification. I would appreciate it if you would answer the following questions:
1) The Privacy Policy states that information transferred to EA from an Xbox Live profile "may" include credit card information. Has this credit card information been collected in the past from transferred Xbox Live profiles, and is it taking place currently?
2) Must a customer who wants to play EA games via Xbox Live allow their credit card information to be gathered in this manner?
3) If this credit card information is not being collected, will the Privacy Policy be changed to reflect this?
4) The Privacy Policy also mentions that "click paths" may be collected. What does that mean?
5) The Privacy Policy states that demographic information and personal information may be combined. Has this data combining taken place in the past, and is it taking place currently?
6) If I don't want my demographic information connected to me personally, what can I do?

Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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