Monday, September 18, 2006

DQ Readers: Where You Come From

I did this about six months ago and you guys seemed to enjoy it, so here's a more recent snapshot. This is DQ readership broken down by country (based on a little graph that Sitemeter makes). This is for last Thursday, I believe.

United States 75.7%
Canada 10.03%
United Kingdom 3.42%
Australia 2.38%
Unknown Country 1.8%
Germany 0.6%
Netherlands 0.53%
Finland 0.45%
France 0.35%
Denmark 0.3%
Norway 0.28%
Iceland 0.25%
Sweden 0.25%
Poland 0.23%
New Zealand 0.2%
Spain 0.2%
India 0.17%
Brazil 0.17%
Portugal 0.17%
Japan 0.15%
Singapore 0.15%
Malaysia 0.15%
Israel 0.13%
Miscellaneous 1.95%

Yes, "Unknown Country" is still doing well.

I checked another full day's results as a comparison and these countries can be added to the readership as well: Croatia, Serbia, Estonia, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Ireland.

I started a feature a couple of years ago that never got traction, but I'd like to try it again. Basically, the premise is this: if you're a non-U.S. DQ reader, send me a story about gaming in your country--how important (or unimportant) gaming is, what kinds of games are most popular, what factors are affecting the popularity of gaming, etc.

If you're interested in contributing, just write up a story and send it to me. I'll post them once or twice a week, and over time we can fill in the map.

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