Friday, October 27, 2006

Amusing, Yet Somehow Pathetic

Kotaku has the text of Jack Thompson's letter to Judge Friedman after the contempt hearing yesterday. Here's the full text, and here are a few excerpts:
You summoned everyone to your feet today to announce you had filed a Bar complaint against me. Judge, get in line, baby. Take-Two's lawyers at Blank Rome were ahead of you on this. But feel honored. You're now part of a gathering that includes Howard Stern's lawyers and a gay rights lawyer who admits in court filings he does drugs illegally. I'm sure you're proud.

...I save lives from reckless jurists like you...I serve those broken-hearted people, not arrogant tyrants like you.

...You're the kind of guy who would wave into an intersection a child to be run over by a semi.
After reading the full text of the letter, I'm just stunned. Seriously, why hasn't a judge put this guy in jail?

Well, except that's probably what he wants, so he can go on a hunger strike and claim to be dying to protect young children from murder simulators. This guy is so over-the-top that he makes cartoon characters look sedate.

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