Thursday, October 26, 2006

Contest Finalists

Twenty-five entries have been selected for the final drawing.

Again, judging these names is incredibly subjective, but here are my favorites (and I'll have a few notes afterwards, because some of the comments you sent were even better than the band names):
Running Man (w/Ric Shaw)
Seven Ate Nine
The Hospitalitarians
Urethra Franklin and the Burning Sensations
The Feel Me Ups
Crowley Slays Tame Bear
The Haughty Librarians
Fifty Cents for Buddha
The Freudian Slits
Kung Fugue
Repetitive Failure Injury
Root Canal
Angry Angus and the Chickens
Velvet Lunchbox
National Power Grid
Police State
Sicilian Metrification Mafia
Assham Prophecy
Infinite Monkeys
The Noobs
Five Words in Four

1. Thrillhaus. Submitted by Phil. Clearly, the "haus" makes this name.
2. Running Man (w/Ric Shaw). Submitted by Todd Ballenger. I burst out laughing when I read this band name--the "with" someone puts it totally over the top for me. I'm still laughing every time I see it.
3. Seven Ate Nine. Submitted by Howie Shack. I have no idea what it means, but it sounds great.
4. Sküzzbäll. Submitted by Taylor. It's all about the umlauts, baby.
5. The Hospitalitarians. Submitted by Ron Cider. That just sounds great.
6. Urethra Franklin and the Burning Sensations. Submitted by Thomas Moyles. If there were any justice in the world, Thom Moyles would be making an awful lot of money doing nothing but writing and being clever. Because he is very, very good at both.
7. The Feel Me Ups. Submitted by Nathaniel Read. There's just no way not to like that.
8. Crowley Slays Tame Bear. Submitted by Dustin Chinn. I have no idea why I like this so much, but I do.
9. The Haughy Librarians. Submitted by Sara. Well, it's a clever play on words, which is what you'd expect from librarians.
10. Fifty Cents for Buddha. Submitted by Aaron Ward. Actually, he submitted "50 Cents for Buddha," but I like it better spelled out.
11. The Freudian Slits. Submitted by Nathan Herron. Truly, this is genius.
12. Kung Fugue. Submitted by Steve West.
13. Repetitve Failure Injury. Submitted by Gregg. Here's what he added: This, of course, is what happens to the person who just walks into the room as you throw your guitar because "Cowboys From Hell" kicked your ass once again. I'm very familiar with that.
14. Root Canal. Submitted by Scott Benoit. This is more sheer genius, because of the double entendre of "root."
15. Angry Angus and the Chickens. Submitted by Shawn Kinkade. I'm surprised there weren't more "and the" entries.
16. Ginatown. Submitted by 3L. He noted that it's an all-girl punk band. Again, that's genius.
17. Velvet Lunchbox. Submitted by David Wolfe. I really liked the sheer incongruity.
18. National Power Grid. Submitted by Michael Cascio. Actually, Michael submitted "ASCII and Receive," which is really clever, but part of the disclaimer attached to the e-mail made me think of "National Power Grid," which I think is fantastic. So he would have made it to the finals either way.
19. Police State. Submitted by Marc Klein. Pretty straightforward and it would make a great "real" band name.
20. Sicilian Metrification Mafia. Submitted by Francesco Poli. That's beautiful.
21. Assham Prophecy. Submitted by Dylan Nichols. Stephanie Dubious-Assham personally selected this entry.
22. Infinite Monkeys. Submitted by John Harwood. In contrast to creating works of Shakespeare, an infinite number of monkeys playing Cowboys From Hell on Expert will not result in one passing the song.
23. The Noobs. Submitted by Daniel d'Avignon-Aubut. That's a comment on about ten things at once.
24. Uvulation. Submitted by Andrew Shih. It should be a word, but it's not. The "ion" at the end did it for me.
25. Five Words in Four. Submitted by Nate Carpenter. Nate's sent in some very, very funny things before, particularly in the "four word life philosophy" contest we had last year (I think it was last year). So it's an excellent band name and a reference to DQ history. I can't believe this blog has a history, but apparently it does.

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