Thursday, December 28, 2006


I was playing Wii Sports with Eli 5.4. There's a mini-game where you try to knock down progressively larger numbers of pins, all the way up to ninety-one, and it's a blast. Eli actually struck on ninety-one yesterday.

So we were playing this tonight, like we do every day now, and I struck on fifty-five.

"Dad, how did you DO that?" Eli 5.4 asked.

"Because I'm MONEY," I said. I say that every night at some point.

"Stop saying that," he said. "You're annoying me."

I roll the next ball and knock down sixty-seven out of sixty-eight.

"Nice shot, Dad," Eli said.

"Dude, what does M-O-N-E-Y spell?" I asked.

"It spells--DAD! Argghhh! It spells MONEY!"

"Which is what I am," I said.

"Mom! Make him stop!" Eli said.

I rolled the next ball and knocked down seventy-seven out of seventy-eight pins. "Dinero," I said.

"Well, at least you're not saying MONEY again," Eli said.

"It's Spanish," I said.

"MOM! What does 'dinero' mean?" Eli asked.

"Money," Gloria said.

"OH NO!" Eli said.

Later we were playing tennis together. You can play doubles on the same side, and we really enjoy playing on the same team. I hit a winner. "And DO NOT say you are money," Eli 5.4 said. "I mean it."

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