Friday, January 05, 2007

Funky Problem Right Here

So I just installed the Powercolor X1950 Pro AGP card, hoping to forestall the full system upgrade for a while. I'm having a funky problem, though, so if you have an answer, please e-mail me.

[Update: the funky problem was that the entire upgrade process turned out to be a complete POS. I was getting all kinds of strange behavior from the drivers, my system was unstable, and I got to the point where when I rebooted, I couldn't even get a video signal. I'm leaving out several steps of grief, but you get the idea--worst upgrade ever. I finally uninstalled everything, put the 7800GS back in, installed the Forceware drivers, and everything's fine again.

I've never had a bad experience with ATI before, but this was a complete disaster.

It could be that the airflow in my case just isn't adequate--the card seemed very hot when I pulled it out of the system. I don't know. But so much for upgrade lust for me--this system has been a rock since I replaced the power supply and ran SpinRite, and I'm going to leave it alone from now on. ]

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