Monday, January 22, 2007

Guitar Hero, Red Octane, and Harmonix

Someone I've e-mailed with for several years sent me information to the effect that Red Octane played a much larger role in the concept and design of Guitar Hero than I believed. He's a trusted source, so I'm confident that what he's telling me is correct. So when I said that Guitar Hero was "Harmonix's game," that was inaccurate.

Everything else I wrote about "wooden" still applies, though.

In other news on the Guitar Hero 24 Network, Gamasutra has an interview with Daniel Sussman, who is a producer for Harmonix. He mentioned that they were "working on a different music game project, one that is a bigger and more ambitious endeavor than we felt we could pursue within the bounds of the Guitar Hero franchise."

Ten million source points to anyone who can tell me anything about that "endeavor."

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