Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eli 6.0!

Gloria's camera was messed up, Eli was being a complete goofball, I kept getting the reflection of the flash on the door, and after about three pictures, I realized that meant it was an entirely normal day and the picture was perfect.

That's a picture with his friend Lewis at his pajama birthday party Saturday at Turnkey Party Warehouse (complete with inflatable slides and whatnot).

Since it's Eli's birthday, here are a few stories I've collected over the last few weeks.

This is what a standard conversation with Eli is like.

We walked out of McDonald's after Saturday breakfast two weeks ago and it was raining. Again.

On our way to the car, Eli said "Dad, what if I had a rain machine that could rain UP? My rain would stop THAT rain."

"Or maybe you could have a giant wind machine on your back," I said. "Then you could just lean over, point your butt at the sky, and the wind would blow all the rain back."

"Yeah!" he said, sticking his butt toward the sky and wiggling it. "Or maybe if I was as tall as a giant, I could reach up and just push the clouds away.

Then we talked about people who drop their cellphones in the toilet while they're peeing. We're worldly.

Eli went to the bathroom yesterday and came out shaking his hands back and forth wildly, flinging water everywhere.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"AIR DRY!" he shouted.

Last night, Eli was playing up in his room.

"Mom!" he said, clomping down the stairs.

"I can't find my red dinosaur."

"Did you look for it?" Gloria asked.

"Yes," he said heavily. "Well, look for it again," Gloria said.

"But Mom," he said, "I already looked for it again."

"Well-played," I said.

Eli, even at five (now six), is a notorious tightwad.

Last Tuesday he wanted to go to Dave & Buster's for dinner. He doesn't care about eating at Dave & Buster's, though--he just wants to play the games, collect tickets, and get some kind of toy.

"We went to Dave & Buster's just two weeks ago," I said. "I'll tell you what--for every dollar of your money that you chip in, I'll put in five dollars of my money."

I knew he at least had some change in his room, and I suspected that he might also have a dollar bill or two. He looked at me with mock regret, raised his hands, and said, "I have no money, my friend."

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