Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lethal Circus 3, or If There's a Smile On My Face, It's Only There to Fool the Public

One of my favorite clown stories ever (thanks Russ Harvey):
Last summer I was out for a jog and I saw one of those bouncy castles set up on the front lawn of a large house. I was about to detour (in order to avoid hearing screaming children) when I noticed there was a clown banging on the window of a car parked out front, in a very violent, un-clowny fashion.

I slowed my pace a little and kept jogging, crossing to the opposite side of the street in order to avoid getting embroiled in whatever was going on. The car window rolls down, the clown starts yelling at the guy inside, and as I get closer I notice that the driver is also a clown. Pretty soon he gets out and they start going back and forth, gesticulating wildly as they argue, and then the clown who was in the car suddenly socks the other clown right in the face, and then jumps on him and they start wrestling in the street. I put the speed on and got the hell out of there in a hurry, but it was about the most incongruous thing I've ever seen. Have you ever observed a man wearing a fuzzy red wig with a giant painted-on smiley-face reach back and clock an equally bewigged man, wearing ludicrously large shoes? It messes with your mind for days.

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