Wednesday, September 05, 2007


SAMSUNG MCBQE64G5MPP-03A00 2.5" 64GB IDE Internal Solid state disk (SSD)

This isn't in stock yet at Newegg, but it shows an ETA of 9/06, and I think it marks the beginning of an era. Not for the price--$1299--which is obscene, but it's an SSD with enough capacity to be used as a primary drive.

Highly dependent on the user and their storage needs, obviously.

Five years from now, when most of us have SSD drives, this will have been a notable moment.

Steve Davis (of Play No Evil) wrote an interesting post about DRM, labeling, and consumer's rights. He proposes that information about DRM be standardized and put on the software packaging, and I think he's right. We need to know up front what gets installed on our system, how many installations we get, whether we have to register the product with an Internet connection, etc.

This wouldn't be a problem if we could return software, because publishers would have to be responsive to issues like this. In the current zero-consumer-rights environment, though, they just don't care.

Steve goes into much more detail, including guidelines for how programs should get installed and uninstalled, and it's an excellent read, which you can see here.

I mentioned earlier this week that BioShock might well have the best sound effects I've heard in a game. DQ reader Joakim Hellstrand let me know that our old friend Eric Brosius is listed as an audio consultant, which makes sense, because every single thing he touches is gold. Besides being in the excellent and underappreciated band Tribe, his list of game credits is practically flawless (see it at Moby Games here). His wife, Terri, who was also in Tribe, has a similarly stellar set of credits, which you can see here, and was also the voice of Shodan in the System Shock series.

Oh, and speaking of Tribe and the Brosius family and Harmonix (and don't forget Greg LoPiccolo, who was also in Tribe and also joined Harmonix) and Rock Band, it was announced today that the Grateful Dead has agreed to license 18 master tracks for the game.

Don't worry, though--Activision had a big announcement as well. Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello is going to be featured as a "boss villain."

Um, whatever.

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