Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Contest Finalists!

First off, a sad note. Matthew Naumann's brilliant band name "Show Me On The Doll," unbelievably, is already being used by a real band. That's an incredibly unfortunate coincidence, but he's graciously removed his entry from the contest.

He is, however, still completely hilarious.

All right, we're down to six, and here they are:
--Steven Kreuch, with his band "HÄMMERTOW" and their album Dermatöphyte
--Trevor Stewart, with his band "Grim Pinata" and their album Crates and Barrels
---Nathan Black, with his band "The Shallow Graves" and their album By The Side Of The Road
---Nate Carpenter, with his band "The Paper Beats" and their album Rock (But Not Scissors)
--Andrew Shih, with his band "Hermaphrodite" and their album Intersexy
--Brent Pedersen, with his band "Improper Pontiff" and their album Genurection

A few more notes:
--Steven Kreuch was the ONLY entry that used an umlaut. How is that possible?
--Trevor Stewart's entry "Grim Pinata" is an outstanding Half-Life 2 reference (from his e-mail, "...the Vortigaunt calls body parts stuck in a web "a very grim pinata indeeeed").
--Nathan Black also mentioned that the reunion album for The Shallow Graves would be called The Shallow Graves - Dig Deeper.
there's nothing to say about Nate Carpenter's entry except that it's terrifically clever.
--Intersexy sounds like it should be a Prince album. It's even better than Lovesexy.
--Brent Pedersen included an album cover, and even if he doesn't win, I'll share it with you.
--there are actually three album covers I'll share with you after the contest is over.

Since I've been working on this for most of the day, I'm going to take a break and play Rock Band (Molly Hatchet on Expert--argghhh). Plus, I want to sleep on it overnight, so I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning.

This delay should drive the 6 finalists crazy, which I'm sure the 169 non-finalists will enjoy.

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