Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Contest Semi-Finalists

Total contest entries: 175
Percentage of entries that were disgusting, obscene, or referred to anal leakage: 85%.
Amount of enjoyment I got from reading these entries: 100%.

One note: those of you who thought that feces were your ticket to the semi-finals will be sorely disappointed, although if someone had sent in the band name "Faecal Matters" and their first album Remains of the Day, they would have qualified easily.

One more note: these were incredibly difficult to judge.

Here we go, and in no particular order:
--Mark Lahren, with his band "The Stretchpants" and their album We Don't Need Irons!
Nathan Carpenter, with his band "The Paper Beats" and their album Rock (But Not Scissors)
Brian Pritchard, with his band "Mobius Stripped" and their album One Face
--Steve Matuszek, with his band "Antimony Arsenic" and their album We Will All Rock Together When We Rock
--Andrew Shih, with his band "Hermaphrodite" and their album Intersexy
--"theohall" Halloran, with his band "Atomic Truman" and their album Superfortress
--Steven Kreuch, with his band "HÄMMERTOW" and their album Dermatöphyte
--Toren Smith, with his band "Hi-Definition Jesus" and their album Idol Speculation
--Chris Kotrla, with his band "The Caution Children" and their album Call Before Digging
Matthew Naumann, with his band "Show Me On The Doll" and their album Candy From Strangers
--Brent Pedersen, with his band "Improper Pontiff" and their album Genurection.
--Steve Eck, with his band "Can't Dust for Vomit" and their album Who Killed The Drummer?
--Charlie Rosenbury, with his band "The Verbs" and their album People, Places, and Things
--Nathan Black, with his band "The Shallow Graves" and their album By The Side Of The Road.
--Mark Dinse, with his band "Ladies Home Urinal" and their album Smells Like Cake
--Trevor Stewart, with his band "Grim Pinata" and their album Crates and Barrels
--Kato Katonian, with his band "The Trundle Under the Trundle" and their album Strange Bedfellows.
--Daniel Sasson, with his band "3 Red Rings" and their album I Asked for a Replacement and All I Got Was This Lousy Refurb

There are 18 entries remaining, and around 5:00 p.m. CST today I'll announce the finalists.

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