Friday, December 14, 2007

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball

From Gary Gorski of Wolverine Studios, news of the upcoming release of Draft Day Sports: College Basketball. The coaching lineage feature is an excellent addition, as well as the "pitch options" that have been added to recruiting. The videos do an excellent job of showing off the new additions, so click on the links if you're interested.

Wolverine Studios Announces Draft Day Sports: College Basketball Release Date and Game Trailers!

Michigan, December 14, 2007. Wolverine Studios, a developer of sports simulation games, is proud to announce that Draft Day Sports: College Basketball will be released via digital download from on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 for $39.95 USD.

In anticipation of the official release we have released four video trailers on our website.

Coach Lineage
Track the entire coaching “family tree” of every coach in the history of your league. See which coaches have been the most successful in teaching their assistants what it takes to make it on their own.

Player Recruiting
Our already deep recruiting system just got better! Check out the new pitch and focus areas, the ability to call up recruits and converse with them and gather the info you need to determine if he’s the right fit for your school. Check out the massive amount of detail on each recruit – even down to info on his parents who could play a role in his decision making.

Check out the detail of the history stored for your league. Go back and look up past award winners, pre and post season tournament winners, team, coach and player records and historical standings for each and every season you’ve played!

In-Game Experience
We’ve redesigned our gameplay screen to provide you with much more on court 2D action and our new player icons make it even easier to determine on court matchups and visualize the game. Take a look at the wide array of coaching options you have at your fingertips including the ability to choose different motivation tactics to try and fire up a listless team or heap praise on your boys for a job well done.

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