Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gaming Links

First off, from Shacknews:
Cleveland-born director Dwight Little (Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home) has been chosen to direct the live-action film adaptation of Namco Bandai's Tekken fighting franchise.

This is officially the greatest Photoshop opportunity ever.

Next, from Penny Arcade, a note on the mod "support" between the PC and PS3 versions of Unreal Tournament 3:
Mods need to come over on memory cards for some inexplicable reason. Indeed, gamers lured by the promise of the $400 forty gig machine (or those who purchased the twenty-gig, as I did) don't even have the slots to use mods built in.

Leonard Suckworthy, what have you done?

And in another fine moment for the Suckworthy's, Leonard's sister Leona has instituted a new policy at EA where digital purchases from the EA store can only be re-downloaded for six months. If you want to download after that, you'll need to purchase EA's $5.99 "Extended Download Service."

Look at this (from EA's website):
Think of this as your digital safety net for those unexpected occurrences - like your hard drive frying or a virus infection. EDS means that with the purchase of your digital product, we'll keep a copy of your file for two full years, so you don't have to.

Wow. The stink off this is pretty powerful. Funny, I thought all they needed to keep a "copy" of was the fact that you purchased the product. Am I misunderstanding this somehow, or is it in the "gigantic ripoff/how stupid do you think we are" category?

Thanks to Joe Richmond for letting me know about EA's attempt to squeeze even more money out of us.

Christina González wrote an article for The Escapist titled Gaming Ability: Modern Consoles and the Disabled Gamer, and it's an interesting read.

Marty Devine sent me a link to a Pvponline strip about rock band and the perils of virtual stardom.

Lastly, here's an update about Sim City Societies. I've always Tilted Mill, and I've been meaning to try this game, but the reviews seemed to uniformly indicate that it lacked depth. Surprisingly, Tilted Mill not only listened, but they're releasing a significant update to the game that adds a mode with increased difficulty and complexity. Gamespy PC has the details, and it's very impressive that the game is still being worked on and improved.

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