Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Look At The Future

I wrote this on January 11 of this year:
I said this a year ago or so, but I believe that the next big step in gaming will be 3D displays. The big step after that, though, will be 3D projections from the console itself, and we will interact with those projections.

I think this will be huge within the next decade--3D projections where we are physically inside the projected game world.

So take a look at this article from Business Week. An excerpt:
Intel has talked to console video game makers about using chips that can perform in excess of 1 trillion calculations per second (, 2/12/07) in future products that use cameras to track body motion to control the action, instead of using buttons or joysticks. "We imagine some future generation of [Nintendo's] Wii won't have hand controllers," says Justin Rattner, Intel's chief technology officer. "You just set up the cameras around the room and wave your hand like you're playing tennis."

We're still a long ways away, but I think people are starting to understand what's possible.

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