Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Links!

We are absolutely loaded up this week, so let's get started.

Leading off, an utterly stunning link from Chris Meyer to an article in Wired titled High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace. It's a story about Titan Salvage, a company that does high-risk (HIGH risk) operations when giant ships are in trouble. Ships like the Cougar Ace--all seven stories and 55,328 tons, listing at a 60-degree angle. Seriously, this is both a great piece of writing and a great story--think Red Adair at sea.

Next, here's an entirely fascinating video sent in by Vahur Teller that shows how people count cash in different parts of the world.

I mentioned The Amber Room last Friday, and it's been a big week. First, digging resumed, then (bizarrely) it stopped again, and it sounds like tempers are getting very heated.

Allen Varney let me know that the instrument played by the "one-man orchestra" in last week's links was a glass harmonica.

Thanks to Eric Caldwell for a link to an excellent interview with Fairway Solitaire creater John Cutter.

Sirius sent in a link to a story about the honeybee crisis. It turns out that finding out what's really causing the hive decimation is much more complex than it would seem. A second link from Sirius, to a color-blind artist who has learned to paint in color by using his hearing. He wears a device that converts 360 different colors into sounds. Amazing. Finally, a brilliantly droll article in SFGate by Steve Rubenstein titled New Threat To Our Way Of Life: Giant Pythons.

From Nate Carpenter, a link to portraits of invisible people, and they're excellent.

From Joshua, a link to a series of stunning photographs of Dubai that show the incredible changes in the landscape. These pictures are truly spectacular.

From the Edwin Garcia Link Machine, an interview with The God of Fountain Pens, and the How To: Make Stuff section of the lifehacker website.

Ken Rahmoeller sent in a link to a story about molecules with silly names. The list is long.

From Saul Bryan, several links to remarkable houses: the Wall House, a fantastic tree house, and an upside-down house.

Vahur Teller sent me a link to a series of poignant photographs, some of which are quite haunting.

From Steven Kreuch, a link to an outstanding public service announcement.

Gloria (aka "my wife") sent me a link to a wonderful story about a man who resolves to build a cottage in his backyard. The only catch is that his wife can't find out--until it's built.

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