Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Annual Funky E-Mail Problem

[IT'S FIXED. Thanks to T. Stilton of Dorset, whose answer was "Wembley Stadium."

Actually, after I answered a few of the items in my inbox via webmail, then deleted the original e-mail, it started working. Outlook must have been choking on one of the messages (I have no idea why)]

So I've had my annual "weird e-mail problem" occur, and it's only March.

Here's the deal. I was answering e-mail and reading news on Friday afternoon. E-mail (Outlook 2003) was working just fine. Then, at some point that afternoon, I stopped receiving new messages. I could still send them, but I couldn't receive them.

I assumed it was something on Roadrunner's end, and when I still hadn't received any new messages by Saturday afternoon, I called tech support. No problems on their end, and if I go to Roadrunner webmail, I can see all the new messages. Plus I know other people on this node and they have no problem using Outlook to get their e-mail.

Here's what happens. I'll try a send/receive, and it will get to 50% (the send portion) right away. It won't complete, though, and eventually, it times out. The message is this:
"Task ' - Receiving' reported error (0x800CC0F): 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem persists, contact your server administrator or ISP. The server responded +OK 8176 octets."

I've tried the usual things:
1. Reboot.
2. Disable anti-virus (even though it was working fine with anti-virus thirty minutes before it puked).
3. Delete the e-mail account and recreate. Tested the e-mail account inside Outlook (the "test settings" option and it works fine.
4. Check the .pst file for errors and repair (no .ost file, so I can't repair it).
5. Increased the timeout setting from 1 to 10 minutes.
6. Checked Event Viewer from Control Panel (no error messages to be found).

The size of the .pst file is about 1.1GB--big, but nowhere near any of the size limits for .pst files that supposedly cause problems if you exceed them.

Surprisingly, there's not much in Google about this--it's apparently not that common.

I havent reinstalled Outlook, because I usually put a significant amount of effort into figuring out what 's wrong before I punt and reinstall.

So if you have any ideas, please fire away. I can use Webmail, but it's much slower (I've got Outlook set up exactly the way I need it to be), and I'd rather go back to Outlook, if possible. Thanks for the help.

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