Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Eli 6.11

Here are a few Eli 6.11 stories from last week.

Today, I asked him how many Indians lived in the Indian Ocean. He looked at me, puzzled for a bit, and said "One."

"Why one?" I asked.

"Because it's the INDIAN ocean," he said, "not the INDIANS ocean."

Earlier this week, Gloria wore one of my favorite sleeveless tops.

One of her tops, obviously, not mine. This blog's slogan should be Ambiguity through grammar.

I complimented Gloria on how lovely she looked, and then I said, "Eli, doesn't your mom look pretty today?"

"Oh, my GOD," he said, "she looks ADORABLE. It's just so wonderful."

We ate hamburgers on the Fourth of July. Eli doesn't eat hamburgers (still), but we keep trying. "Eli, would you like to try one of these burgers?" Gloria asked.

"No thanks," Eli said. "I just like the top and bottom."

In other words, the bun.

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