Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More Rock Band 2 Info

The Onion A.V. Club has a long RB 2 preview, and here's some new information:
The real upsell is the drum kit. If you're a serious drummer, you can buy the improved kit with a metal-reinforced pedal, quieter, velocity-sensitive pads, and wireless support on all platforms. The kit also comes with new additions and peripherals, which will be revealed at E3. And about the drums. Clearly, the addition of a drum kit marked a new direction for the franchise: while the guitar loosely simulates and abridges the experience of playing guitar, the drum kit is a drum kit, and the game represents an actual set of training wheels for up-and-coming percussionists. Rock Band 2 takes this a step further with the addition of an actual drum training program. I watched Teasdale demo this, and it resembles the game's practice mode, but with a large library of basic beats and fills: "Simple 8th Note Hats," "Robot Rock," "P-P-P-Panama!", "Upbeat Hats 1," and so forth, all playable on three kits – electronic, vintage, and "trashy." There's also a freeplay mode, where you can play drums over mp3's that you've ripped to your console.

Drum training program and freeplay mode. Outstanding.

I'm also curious about the "new additions and peripherals," but at least we won't have long to wait--all that information will come out next week.

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