Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rock Band 2 "Hands On" Preview

Highlights from Gamestop's preview:
--full DLC backward compatibility
--new Online World Tour mode
--in OWT, no band leaders
--in OWT, any member can play any instrument
--in Quick-Play, can create set lists
--"Tour Challenge" replaces solo mode. Details:
The Tour Challenge will replace the Solo Tour from the original Rock Band and follow a nonlinear path, in which you unlock new challenge groupings as you go. Tour Challenge will be playable either solo or with up to three other bandmates, with any mix of local and online players.
--in TC, some challenges will be album-specific
--new "Battle of the Bands" mode (online tournaments)
--new guitar: wireless and auto-calibrating (manual method still available)
--new drums: velocity sensitive
--confirmed songs:
"Ace of Spades" -- Motörhead
"Everlong" -- Foo Fighters
"Pinball Wizard" -- The Who
"Panic Attack" -- Dream Theater
"Any Way You Want It" -- Journey
"Chop Suey" -- System of a Down
"Kids in America" -- The Muffs
"Give It Away" -- Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Hello There" -- Cheap Trick
"Pump It Up" -- Elvis Costello

There are unofficial full track lists (100% awesome, too) floating around, but it's conjecture at this point.

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