Thursday, March 19, 2009

Draft Day Sports College Basketball: On Sale For A Good Cause

Randy Chase, who was lead designer/programmer on Power Politics and The Doonesbury Election Game Campaign '96, passed away suddenly on February 20.

Randy loved playing Gary Gorski's Draft Day Sports: College Basketball, and Gary is offering DDS:CB for half price ($19.95) through Sunday. All proceeds will go to a fund being set up to benefit Randy's family.

I've played Draft Day Sports: College Basketball, and it's a deep, enjoyable game. Here's a link to the Wolverine Studios store.

Here's the press released:
It's Tournament Time! Now through Sunday - save 50% on DDS: College Basketball and help us help a good cause!
It's that time of year again - your brackets are filled out and you're craving some college hoops action. If only the games were on 24-7, right? Well here's your chance to get your fill of college basketball action with Draft Day Sports: College Basketball at an unbeatable price. Now through Sunday, March 22nd we're selling DDS:CB for only 19.95 in our webstore - that's HALF OFF the normal price of 39.95.

In addition to getting a fantastic college basketball sim and an amazing price there's one more benefit. You can help us help someone else. Recently we learned of the unexpected passing of Randy Chase - for those who don't know Randy not only was he one of our community's largest and most enthusiastic supporters in addition to being a great friend but he was also an independent game developer and a very good one at that. Randy owned Kellogg Creek Software and published games such as the Doonesbury Election Game, Spirit Wars and Power Politics. He helped lay the groundwork for us and other independent game companies to have a chance to succeed in the marketplace and we'd like to do something to give back to his family. If it weren't for people like him some of your favorite games from independent developers may not exist today. That's why Wolverine Studios is going to donate the proceeds of sales during this time to Randy's family through a fund that is in the process of being setup. DDS: College Basketball was one of Randy's favorite games to play and comment on and it seems only fitting that the game that brought him so much joy can maybe bring his family something during this difficult time.

If you're wondering why cut the price in half if we're trying to raise money - the answer is so that more people can help if they want to. If you could afford to pay the normal price and wish to do so to help out then buy two copies. Even if you aren't a huge college basketball fan maybe buy a license and give it to a friend to get them involved in the text sim world or who knows - maybe if you give it a shot you just might like it yourself. Either way you'll be helping us help a good cause.

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