Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Grief

Here are some excerpts from an MTV Games/Harmonix announcement today (thanks Kotaku): Key Stats for the Rock Band Franchise

• Rock Band® franchise has officially surpassed $1 billion dollars in North American retail sales in 15 months, according to the NPD Group
• Rock Band was the #1 title of 2008 by revenue across all game genres (NPD)

Critical Acclaim
• Average Metacritic score of 92 [2] for both Rock Band and Rock Band 2
• Rock Band and Rock Band 2 have garnered more than 50 industry awards...

Okay. So WTF was Viacom doing whining about how "disappointing" Rock Band 2 sales have been only two weeks ago? Here's an example:
Viacom Inc., whose MTV division owns the rights to the Rock Band franchise, said last month that sales of Rock Band 2 were lower than it had hoped and cut into the company's profit.

Damn, WTF were they "hoping" for? Is a billion dollars in 15 months not good enough? Lighten up, corporate overlords.

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