Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Our refrigerator started having problems yesterday. The temperatures in the freezer compartment had risen by about 35F, so stuff started slowly melting. The refrigerator compartment rose to about 10F, then a bit more.

I called Maytag. The fridge was 10 years old, so it was out of warranty. She said that there was a "quality issue" bulletin issued for what sounded like the problem, though, so they might cover the cost of the part, but we would pay for the labor. She gave me the bulletin number and gave me three local "certified" technicians that I could call.

I called the first number on the list, a local Austin firm that both sold and serviced major appliances. Once I called them, though, I entered a strange time warp. Simply put, they hated potential customers. The following is not a transcript of our actual conversation, but it's really not that far off.

Technican: Hello, WeDespiseOurCustomersAppliances.
Me: Yes, I have a Maytag refrigerator, and I need to have it repaired.
Technician (angrily): Who gave you this number?
Me: Excuse me?
Technician: I told you never to call me at this number again!
Me: Dude, I'm not dating you. I need a refrigerator repaired.
Technician: Don't do this again! I have caller ID!

Gloria called them later, and incredibly, they were even more rude to her. This made us both curious, so Gloria looked them up and found their reviews page on Citysearch.

It was epic.

20 reviews, and on the 1-5 scale, 17 of them were 1 star. Eighty-five percent! Here's a smattering (I like that word) of the comments:
--"Send your enemies here"
--"Absolutely horrible--stay away"
--"Deplorable customer service"
--"Worst customer service in Austin"
--"We're right, you're wrong, now leave us alone"
--"Worst service ever!"
--"Welcome to 1966"
--"Run away"

I hadn't just stumbled onto a company with bad customer service. I had discovered the mother lode--the worst service ever.

I've driven past the store and it looked normal, but obviously, that's a front. I strongly suspect that anyone who actually walks into their store is bound, whipped, and held for ransom. It's the only explanation I can think of for why they're still in business.

Their Better Business Burea rating? F.

Double Epic!

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