Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Closest Shave

I've used an electric razor for years because I'm lazy, and running a miniature mower across your face requires far less concentration than using a blade.

The one thing that's always bothered me, though, is that electric razors just don't shave nearly as closely as a blade. There are a few products marketed as "pre-shave washes" that are supposed to make the shave closer, but I've tried them and haven't been impressed.

I've thought about it for years, though, wondering what would raise the facial hair, which would greatly increase the closeness of the shave.

So I was idly thinking about this while I was shaving last week, and I looked down and saw my toothbrush.


I picked up the toothbrush, rinsed it off, and started brushing one side of my face. I thought that maybe the bristles of the toothbrush would stimulate the hair follicles to extend slightly. Sort of like a facial massage, but more concentrated with the bristles.

I was hoping for a slight improvement in the quality of the shave, but the results shocked me. The "toothbrush prepped" side of my face was far, far smoother--so smooth, in fact, that it was just as close if I'd used a real razor.

I've been using that technique for about a week now, and the results are amazing. The closeness of the shave is great, and the position of the follicles after brushing actually makes it easier to shave, too.

If you use an electric razor, try it out.

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