Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Music You Might Like

A few weeks ago, Rob Varak e-mailed me and asked if I'd ever heard of an Austin band named "Black Joe Lewis."

Well, I hadn't, but DAMN, I have now.

It's a rhythm and blues/soul band, and the reason I'd never heard of them is because they hardly ever play here. They're a national act now, so they only play in Austin a few nights a year.
Here's a two-word summary of their music: smoking hot. Smoking!

Seriously, you are going to absolutely love these guys. Plus, their entire album is up on their MySpace Music page, and there's not a single weak song. Don't complain to me when you immediately go order their CD.

A few of the songs have "explicit lyrics" (an occasional curse word lobbed in here and there), so put on your headphones and get busy.

Black Joe Lewis MySpace Music

Last weekend, I was randomly looking at music videos from the Jools Holland show on YouTube, and I saw a woman named Asa. She's a soul singer from Nigeria, but she also has a strong hint of reggae influence, and I've only rarely heard a female reggae singer. It's beautiful, powerful music, and she has a nice selection of songs on her MySpace Music page.

I'll tell you this: MySpace Music is the bomb. There is nothing better than hearing music you like, popping over to MySpace Music, and immediately getting to listen to half a dozen songs (or more).

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