Thursday, May 07, 2009

Plants vs Zombies

I've played this game for about five hours in the last two days.

A few times, I've thought to myself this is fun, but I think I'll take a break. Invariably, though, I'm playing it again thirty minutes later.

Here's a brief description of the game: you're trying to defend your backyard from zombies. It's a tower defense game, basically.

Why is what is essentially a tower defense game so much fun? Well, because it's tower defense with sunflowers, and potatoes, and pea-spitting plants, and chili peppers, and corn catapults that fling huge blobs of butter to blind incoming zombies. And about two dozen other incredibly goofy items. The zombies are also extremely silly, including their costumes and how they use various kinds of equipment.

In short, it's pretty damned funny. I've laughed out loud dozens of times.

It also has the feeling of a game that's been been exhaustively playtested and balanced. One new item is introduced per level, and while the action gets fairly frantic at times, I never feel confused by what's going on.

Add in the mini-games, the level variety, and just the general goofiness of the entire game, and I think PopCap has a big hit on their hands.

It's available via Steam for only $9.99, which is a ridiculously excellent deal.

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