Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Chris McCue e-mailed with a good point: if the GO fails, the lack of a used game market may not be the main reason, because it's also overpriced (at $249) and not backward-compatible (which I pointed out). So it would be more fair to say that if the GO struggles at its current price point and feature set, that the lack of a resale market for the game is one of multiple factors.

I think Sony will fix the price point issue, though, which would then make it a better test for our purposes.

Also, a couple of notes about the chart I put up last night. Final Fantasy XIV is going to have a PC version, which is why I didn't label it as an exclusive. There were also some games that were in the awkward category of being platform exclusive, but also largely regurgitated from an existing game. So it wasn't really exclusive, at least to me.

I also should have added the "1 vs. 100" feature to Microsoft's chart and just forgot.

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