Wednesday, November 18, 2009

100%, Guaranteed

Well, I haven't seen an article about this in a while:
Ex-astronaut in love triangle case avoids prison with plea deal.

You remember this story, right? The former astronaut (Lisa Marie Nowak) drove across the country to assault another woman who was a romantic rival. Then blah blah blah.

I say "blah blah blah" because the only thing anyone cared about was that Nowak wore "astronaut diapers" as she wouldn't have to make a pit stop as she drove across the country. That single detail was apparently more exciting than The Seven Cities Of Cibolo, El Dorado, and Atlantis combined.

I started actively looking for stories about the case, not because I was particularly interested in the crime, but because I wanted to verify that the diapers were mentioned. It would have made a great drinking game (take a shot every time it's mentioned in a story). Every single story I read about the case included something about the diapers.

So today, when I saw this headline, you know I had to go check. Would my perfect record be soiled?

Pun intended.

Here you go:
Prosecutors accused Nowak of driving nearly 900 miles from Houston, Texas, to Orlando -- wearing NASA diapers to cut down on the number of stops she needed to make...

Yes. Still perfect.

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