Monday, November 23, 2009

Eli 8.3

We were on our way to Eli's soccer team pizza party.

"I can't wait to see Nora," I said.

"I know!" Eli said, laughing. "That girl eats more pizza than any kid I've ever seen!" It's true. Nora, who isn't fat in the slightest, can eat six pieces of pizza with no problem. And does.

"I can't believe she can eat all that pizza and still be a good weight," I said. "How does she do that?"

"Fiber," Eli said confidently.

"If we let Gracie in your room at night to sleep with you, she'll wake you up," I said. "But if we close your door, she'll cry because she can't get in, and that will wake you up, anyway."

"Hey!" Eli said. "It's a Cat-22!"

"What's it like raising a baby?" Eli 8.3 asked.

"Well, it depends a lot on the baby," I said. "Until your mom went on a lactose-free diet, your stomach was really upset, so it was hard for you to sleep."

"You woke up three or four times a night for the first six months, at least," Gloria said.

"Sorry, my bad," he said, laughing.


Eli is completely fascinated by the trailer for The Blind Side. Actually, that's not quite right--he's fascinated by Sandra Bullock, particularly her heavy Southern accent. He's taken to walking around the house and saying (with perfect Sandra Bullock pitch and accent) "Don't you dare lie to me" and "This team is your family, Michael."

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